Information Booklet for AuraBa Porcelain & Silver Talisman Pendants

Information Booklet

AuraBa porcelain and silver pendant charms are talismans featuring self empowerment glyph symbols.

This information booklet gives you more detailed information about the different self empowerment glyphs depicted on the AuraBa porcelain and silver talisman pendants.

Included in the booklet are meditation exercises to anchor the self empowerment properties of the talisman you have selected.

We trust you will enjoy your AuraBa talisman pendant.

Belen Berganza and Richard Harris, creators or AuraBa porcelain talisman pendants


About AuraBa

AuraBa hand crafted bullion bars & investment jewellery are made with loving intent in fashionable shapes in a range of standard weights. AuraBa jewellery fills the market gap between conventional jewellery & investment bullion.